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Make your own cart!

Why don’t you make your own cart of 48 place mats, picking the ones you like among the various possibilities?
You just have to choose within the same category (rectangular or oval) until you gather 48.
Send us an email with the name of the place mats (Ex: Arabesque), the colors preferred (select in “choose an option”, coral for instance), their reference (SKU: VPAR0224), and don’t forget to specify the quantity of each.
ex.: Arabesque, coral, SKU: VPAR0224, 14 place mats + Arabesque, blue, SKU: VPAR0124, 10 place mats + Arabesque, red, SKU: VPAR0324, 8 place mats + Swallow, SKU: VPSWA, 16 place mats.